LODESTONE: The Scabbard of Creation

Session 9: How to Fight the Dead and Influence Dragons

Four Nephwrack, Three Dragon's, two ships, and one big mess.

The continuation of the previous episode naval battle:

The Quicksilver Phantom joins the battle aboard the Realm warship. The ship itself is largely destroyed by the ambush and a large amount of magic unleashed in multiple areas by numerous Nephwrack.

Air Sage Türa appears to have vanished after suffering a number of attacks and no small amount of self-inflicted damage from his Air-Drago type Pinnacle charm.
V’neef Tara, sister to Kiara, appears to be using Wood-Dragon style unarmed and has sustained a number of levels of damage in the battle.
Sesus Wiesse, the fire aspect, fought thought the attacking dead and prepared to fight the Anathema aboard the ship. With some major talking down and a bit of an angry outburst he is convinced and then bound by oath to leave the northwest and to refrain from returning or recruiting others into hunting the Captain, Ki-Ken, Eight, or the crew.



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