LODESTONE: The Scabbard of Creation

Session 8: The Drowning Tide

Double Ambush, Fighting the Dead, Meeting Maru's Family

After much debate a conclusion is reached. The Solars will attack the Dragonblooded Wyld Hunt while they are escorting the Sharktooth cove transport. With naval combat and the bounds of the sea in their advantage the Solars prepare for an assault. In the dead of night they approach the warship, but Ki-Ken notices something is amiss.

Ghost ships.

Three of the same eastern style vessels that attacked the Quicksilver Phantom after the escape form the Lodestone drifted, immaterial, through the waters to ambush the ship.

Two prepared a violent ambush on the warship while the third veered dangerously toward the innocent farmers, priest, and animals aboard the transport.

Quick to act the captain used the cover of night to prepare a counter-ambush and assault the ship as soon as it crossed into this world.

With a well executed boarding maneuver and quick displays of combat prowess the hungry ghosts were quickly dispatched, leaving an ominous figure alone on the ship…

The figure, tall and adorned with black metal plate armor, worked some strange Sorcery to rend the air nearby. Crewmembers clapped their hands to their ears, but many began bleeding profusely, the Solars mostly survived the first round of the attack and quickly pursued the Sorcerer as he retreated towards the far end of his ship.

Having nowhere else to retreat to the Sorcerer began working foul magics once more, but in closing the distance many things became more clear.

He was an exalt of some type.
He used artifact armor and weapons (Eight also knows that these are possessed by ghosts).
He has a face that is shockingly similar to Teppet Maru, albeit with a grim pallor.
He is using Celestial Circle Sorcery.
He has a number of artifacts/trinkets on his person (Eight knows of spiritual activity in three gourds on his side).
There is a black scepter that is a sorcerous initiation artifact made of that same black metal.



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