Count Ba'aziel, the Crow-Warlock

Autumn Fae


Age: Appears to be in his Mid-40’s (Fae)
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 160
Hair: Oily Black
Eyes: Solid Black
Grace: Unknown Primary and Secondary Grace

Items of Note: Moonsilver Orb

With a high collared purple robe accented with long black feathers, a book formed of pressed leaves and white birch, and the smell of sage and the dust of ages. His arms are long and lean, ending in lengthy pale fingers capped with sharp black nails. His tongue is black, teeth pointed, and eyes a solid black upon a unearthly pale face. A single braid of oily black hair makes its way down his back and a goatee matches on his face.

He is in a high backed seat playing a game of what appears to be a variant of chess using small goblin creatures. The goblins attack and tear each other apart when they take a square.



Count Ba'aziel, the Crow-Warlock

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