High Tide

Goddess of Dangerous Waters


drowned_by_verine.jpgPale skinned, blue lipped, and with sea-weed green hair that float an coils in the air as if it were some animate vines beneath the waters

Height: 5’6"
Age: ???
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair / Eye: Long and seaweed green that moves like she were underwater / Solid Black

Pale skinned and blue/purple lipped she looks as if she were deprived of air. He movements are smooth and she never really touches the solid ground. If possible she remains beneath or inside some body of water. She is physically small, but as a goddess that has little bearing on what she is capable of.

Notable Physical Features:
Her coiling hair drifts against gravity, giver her an “underwater” appearance. She is beautiful, but eerie, and occasionally her hair moves and coils on its own…

Black robes filled with stones. Each marked with a prayer for a drowned individual.


One of two gods bound to the Chapel of Tides by the past live of Tyrus and his Lunar mate. The manse itself had suffered extreme damage during the great contagion and the invasion of the Fair-Folk, but the gods have spent years repairing the facility.

She has an array of spirit-charms related to control of water and grappling foes who are submerged. She also has the power to sense things within her domain out to a few miles form the Manse.

Years of isolation and damage to the manse have left her remarkably anti-social. She now revels in the idea of drowning because she is granted a “guest” in the form of the drowned individual’s Hun (higher soul) and Po (lower soul) for a period of three days.

She is slowly warming up to the idea of interacting with the living once more.

High Tide

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