Islesi Verda

Water aspected former spy of the All-Seeing-Eye



Height: 5’7"
Age: Not Revealed, presumably old for a Dragonblood (a couple hundred years
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair / Eye: Grey hair with flecks of green held back by a clasp / Light Blue flecked with Grey

At first glance he appears a man reaching his elder years with more grey than blue-green coloring his hair and spectacles compensating for what years have taken from his visual acuity… but with a presence that calms like the gentle sounds of rainfall, a fluid rolling grace in his step, and a distinct scent of spring precipitation (any one of which would mark his potency and breeding) only a fool would assume this prince of the earth as incapable or harmless.

Notable Physical Features:
A cascading wave tattoo from his upper thigh, around his torso, and curling over his shoulder into his chest bears a cleverly hidden sign of the All-Seeing-Eye. Numerous scars also mark his form, their locations indicative of having been under the “care” of someone killed in torture techniques, possibly form his time before encasement in the crystal prison.

Senbon (throwing spikes)
Forgery Equipment
Climbing Gear


A number of investigation, stealth, and socialize charms enhance his attempts at subterfuge.

Winged Messenger and Corrupted Words (Control Spell)

He often smokes from a pipe and prefers to talk things out rather than using a sword to solve issues. He is quiet and thoughtful, preferring to take time to think through situations thoroughly. When a situation demands violence he is hesitant to join unless directly included in the issue. If pressed he favors quick decisive actions from an array of poisoned throwing spikes/senbon.

He has been useful in the employ of Captain Tyrus in expanding his spy network. However, he has been exceptionally careful to avoid vocalizing exclusivity in his services, seemingly all too aware of the chance that he could end up bound to his word by the Eclipse’s powers, but has shown no sign that he would otherwise betray the Anathema. If pressed on the issue he would simply state:

“I am too old to fight another war and too tired to face some things that sit in the darkest parts of creation… If things go poorly is it so wrong that I don’t want to die screaming like so many of my friends. Let a tired old man face an end on his terms.”

Islesi Verda

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