Low Tide

The friendlier twin in-so-far as he doesn't try to drown you as often.


the_king_by_bailulu-d5gftj9.png.jpegCovered in small bits of beautiful coral and dramatically “censored” by well placed sea foam

Height: 5’8"
Age: ???
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair / Eye: Seafoam green in tight curls / Coral Red

Handsome, naked, and usually found sitting upon a strange throne of coral and shell. This terrestrial god is housed within the upper domain in the Chapel of Tides. He is less physically capable than his sister, but is still well above the standard of most mortals.

Notable Physical Features:
Multiple symbols of his unnatural heritage and aquatic domain mark him. He is naked.

Game Table (Sorcerous Working)


A number of illusion, bounty, and domain manipulation charms.

Loves playing tactical games and is remarkably friendly to any visitors that he is allowed to talk to, however that list is small due to the Oath he was bound to in the First Age.

Working to maintain and protect the Moonlight Cavern and the local pirates.

Low Tide

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