Loyal Cinnamon

Religious Elder of Sharktooth Cove, Husbandry Thaumaturge, Priestess.


old_woman_iv_by_borda-d5e8yzk.jpgHeight: 6’3"
Age: Mid-Seventies
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair / Eye: Black hair with white streaks in a pair of braids / Green

Tall and imposing, she stands with a bearing of authority that has settled in over years of holding sway over the decisions of her town. She is fairly thin, but wiry as opposed to frail, and while age has wrinkled her tanned skin and drained some color from her hair it has done little to hinder her movements.

Notable Physical Features:
Unusually tall and imposing

Book of prayers, rituals, and offerings for local gods
Notes on the Art of Husbandry
Cerimonial robes (pristinely maintained)
Medicinal Herbs
Sewing Kit
Incense and other small sacrificial objects for prayer


Control (Species), Improved (Species) Breeding, Ward Against Creature, Warding the Crops

While regal in bearing she is very expecting of others and assumes that her instructions be followed to the letter. Deviations are never overlooked and usually face a stern reprimand or worse, a personal or penned mention of the error to family.

Currently working with Eight on a number of mall projects about the island. Traveling to Brackwater Port to assist with the repopulation of animals on the island and the re-invigoration of the essence flows through prayer.

She represents one of the voices among the Council of Three for Sharktooth Cove, meaning she has one third of the vote when it comes to the town’s decisions. While it is normally considered improper, bad luck, or any number of other things for a woman in the West of Creation to hold power, she maneuvered into the role by merit of her status in the Priesthood and the requirement for priests to be trained in both genders as certain gods may favor one or the other.

Cinnamon also represents the Wisdom of the town. Wisdom is the position given to the medicine woman local to an area. As such she holds the most authority within the women’s circle, the female equivalent to the Council.

Loyal Cinnamon

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