Miles Long Roar

Terrestrial god of Thunder and Destructive Force



Height: 5’7"
Age: Appears to be about fourteen
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair / Eye: Black and shoulder length / Grey

Lanky and young looking, with marks of puberty beginning to show, this god is the young love of Lattice of Clouds. His smooth black hair falls evenly down to his shoulders and is cut evenly around his head except for a straight truing across his forehead.

Notable Physical Features:
He appears to vibrate, even when standing still. Sparks of lightning trace around his skin and small thunderclouds escape his mouth as he breathes. His breaths are deep and slow, and his chest expands dramatically with each one.

Ceremonial Drum


Sound, shockwave, and concussive impact-enhancing spirit charms. Can bestow spirit sight for three turns.

Acts according to his appearance. Sometimes overconfident or negligent of proper formality in a situation or the differences in station that mortals hold. Doesn’t appear to remember much of the first age.

Was rescued from a Doldrum by Ki-Ken and Eight during the Lantern Lighting Festival. Requested aid in figuring out what happened to Lattice of Clouds’ older brother, Beckoning Hammer, at his sanctum in Brackwater Port.

Miles Long Roar

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