Nanna Coaltender

Goddess of Protection/Fortune During Travel



Height: 5’8"
Age: Appears around mid-fifties
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair / Eye: Grey hair in a bun / Red-Orange that glow in the dark

A larger and matronly woman with a white apron, dark grey dress, and a large cloak that perpetually shimmers and shifts in color. Her face has wrinkles and is spotted with flour and soot. She moves about with purpose and poise, but prefers to work in more subtle ways than direct ones. As a goddess of fortune she carries a reed-cross, said to bring good luck to homes and ships.

Notable Physical Features:
Her skin is wrinkled and occasionally she has a mole, wart, or other imperfection. Her eyes gauge and assess anyone crossing a threshold, but otherwise focus less on the present and more on her charges. Often she appears while cooking, gazing into the bubbling stews or soups as if they reveal to her the secrets of this world or others. Occasionally, they do.

Reed Cross
Color-Shifting Mantle


Accepts offerings of flowers, cloaks, and hot meals.

Nanna Coaltender

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