V'neef Kiara

"Heral! Less qq, more Pew-Pew!" -The Wifey



Height: 5’10"
Age: 30ish, very young for a Dragonblood
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair / Eye: Brown / Green

Young and nimble, she moves with a warmth and grace not often shown by Dragonblooded. Brown hair curls perfectly over supple breasts and compliments her olive complexion. Her eyes are a vigorous green and keen with the training of an archer. The most perceptive or trained in medicine will note she is a good portion of the way through her pregnancy.

Notable Physical Features:
She has a branching tree tattoo that rustles and moves as if alive. Occasionally it will bloom, change color, or shed leaves.

Bow and Arrows
Light Armor
Medicinal Herbs
Pregnancy Draught


V’neef’s third child and a practitioner of Wood Dragon Style. After figuring out Ragara Soras Heral’s ruse of replacing himself with a body double sorcerer form house Mnemon whenever they would sleep together she pinned him into a financially and socially favorable marriage in which they both would prosper, even though V’neef does not favor her pairing with a non-Wood aspect. Eventually it would come to light that she was pregnant and the newlyweds took a retinue of dragons and mortal soldiers on a pilgrimage to the Caul in an attempt to bless their already auspicious union where they were lead into an ambush by a member of their protector unit, an Immaculate Monk by the name of Mnemon Yin Fe, where they were overwhelmed and then put into crystal stasis aboard the Lodestone.

Wood Dragon Style, Survival, Resistance, and Bureaucracy.

Friendly, youthful, and polite, but willing to do anything to see that she survives until her child is born.

Hoping to arrange for a ship to be made so that they may travel back to the southwest. If time works well they might even managed a trip through The Caul to finish her pilgrimage for blessings.

V'neef Kiara

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