Chapel of Tides

Two manses tapping into a single demesne with a Lunar aspect.

The two Hearthstones each provide the bearer 2 additional motes of essence per hour.

Low Tide:
-Jewel of the Graceful Courtier: The bearer of this small pearl receives a blessing of grace to their social actions and maneuvers. They receive 1 non-charm success on all Socialize rolls and a +1 bonus to derived stats in which Socialize is a contributor, namely Guile.

High Tide
-Gemstone of Omens: The bearer of this stone may tap in to the power of prophecy. They must be underwater during high tide and they may then make an Intelligence+Occult roll while posing a question. Successes determine the clarity of the clues given as a response to the question.

Chapel of Tides

LODESTONE: The Scabbard of Creation Stiles