Beckoning Hammer

God of Shipcraft and Ship Calamity


Height: 6’5"
Age: Unknown
Weight: 500 lbs
Hair / Eye: Steel-grey hair that shines / Eyes like metal rivets

A man in his later twenties or early thirties, or at least mostly a man. His body seems to be mostly like that of a large puppet. Skin shines like metal, with silver bumps like rivets at the seems, and he occasionally moves with an inhuman gait. His breath vents smoke into the air and his movements imply weight beyond that of any mortal man save for those in the heaviest of armors.

Notable Physical Features:
Aside from rivets and ball joints in his fingers he bears a number of adornments in the form of tattoos along his arms. Words in numerous languages paired with images of great vessels that a wise or learned observer may know as some of the greatest ships to sail since the first age, presumably ships blessed during creation by this god.

Ships (Are those Equipment?)
The Hammer: A Gigantic two handed Hammer
The Spike


Worshipped primarily by masons and ship-builders, especially in the town of Brackwater Port.

Accepts offerings of well made nails, models ships, and first offerings from defeated or sunken ships.

Beckoning Hammer

LODESTONE: The Scabbard of Creation Stiles