Countess Maena, Sylvan Emissary

Spring Fae


Age: Appears as late teens
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown, curly, and soft as feather down (satyr, so hair on legs as well)
Eyes: Hypnotic honey droplets flecked with clover green.
Grace: Primary and Secondary Grace Unknown

Items of Note: Unknown.

From the ground up Maena is a satyr of astounding beauty (7 appearance). She stands about six feet tall before you in nothing but a series of flimsy sheer white scarves. Her upper body is covered in still-wet ink, accented with emeralds, the patterns all perfectly accentuate her form. She smells of sex, chocolate, and flowers. He movements and speech patterns are slightly slurred and sultry.
Her retinue consists of about two dozen humanoid/goblinoid/or demihumanoid figures surrounding her in an orgiastic semi-circle.


Countess Maena, Sylvan Emissary

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