Elder Bu

Sharktooth Cove's Council Leader


the_old_fisherman_by_inayatshah-d6qbkfz.jpgIf you imagine a gnarled old pine given human shape you get a rough approximation of this man. None too pretty, but old and wise. Calloused hand speak to the years of manual labor and training as a fisherman. Numerous scars stand out as pale against wrinkled sun-tanned skin, living evidence time spent in some sort of martial work.


He is slow to anger and slow to appease once his ire is roused. He has won the Spring spear throwing competition more times than any other living person in the village.

As Council Leader he is head of the Council, a group consisting of a male representative from each family in the town. It is his duty to lead discussions on village politics and policies, projects, and preparations for the future.

Elder Bu

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