Lattice of Clouds


mist_on_the_moors_by_ulafish.jpgHeight: 5’9"
Weight: 0 lbs?
Hair / Eye: Silver-white that trails down her back and becomes a path of clouds / White Irises with sky blue “whites”

Thin with snow white skin and silver lips. She smiles, laughs, and dance about when moving. In her wake her long silver hair leaves partly-animate cloy creatures that silently moves about until the air disperses them. She rarely touches the ground, preferring to float or recline in her cloud-hair. She carries a whistle around her neck (summons fog beasts).

Notable Physical Features:
Even when manifested her physical form is largely cloud-like and insubstantial.
She is more mature than her “lover”, but revels in play as well. She is fairly kind, for a small-god, and is the only one of the Family of Salt and Splendor that actively cultivates a personal relationship with her priestesses (and their children).

Book of Cloud Omens
Fog Whistle


Goddess of Clouds, Fog, and concealment.

Worshipped exclusively by female priests (as male priests would presumably face the jealous wrath of Miles Long Roar)

Accepts offerings of imaginative art by children, lullabies, bottled smoke, incense, and occasionally part of the sweets offered to a priestess by a lover (which she “shares” with the priestess).

Has a favorite yellow-lily that grows where the morning fog first touches land on the isle of Sharktooth Cove. Lily is used in perfumes and teas for the lovely scent.

Lattice of Clouds

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